Odor Control

Vital Oxide is an EPA registered product super effective odor eliminator. Ready to use, with no mixing required, just spray or wipe right from the bottle. Vital Oxide eliminates a wide range of bad odors, from left over food odors in the kitchen to cigarette smoke odors in the car. Vital Oxide gets rid of bad odors attacking the odor causing bacteria without damaging the surfaces or articles treated.

Effective on harsh odors such as tobacco, smoke, pet urine, cooking and sports equipment, Vital Oxide cuts to the source of the odors on a molecular level, instead of masking the with fragrances.

Don't Cover Bad Odors, Get Rid of Them !

Vital Oxide has powerful cleaning action that removes organic stains without damage to treated articles, hard or soft surfaces.

Unpleasant odors have been recognized as a warning sign of potential risks to human health. The rot smell on producing or the rancid smell of spoiled food triggers a natural defense in us indicating a health risk. Vital Oxide works on the cause of the malodor by oxidizing the organism causing it.

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